Type 3 Fire Engine

In Service June 28, 2017

Strengthening Our Wildland Firefighting Arsenal - with our Type 3 Wildland Fire Apparatus!

Our Type 3 Wildland Fire Apparatus is cutting-edge and will bolster our ability to combat wildfires and safeguard our community.

Key Features of Our Type 3 Wildland Fire Apparatus:

  1. Specialized Design: This apparatus is specifically designed for wildland firefighting, equipped to navigate challenging terrains and swiftly respond to incidents in areas with dense vegetation.
  2. Increased Water Capacity: The Type 3 comes with an enhanced water capacity, allowing our firefighting team to sustain prolonged efforts in controlling and extinguishing wildfires effectively.
  3. Off-Road Capabilities: With robust off-road capabilities, this apparatus ensures our firefighters can reach remote areas where wildfires may pose a threat, reinforcing our commitment to the safety of our community.

Join Us:

We invite all community members to visit the fire station and witness the capabilities of our Type 3 Wildland Fire Apparatus, ask questions, and engage with our dedicated firefighters.

The Type 3 Wildland Fire Apparatus signifies our ongoing commitment to preparedness and the safety of our residents. We appreciate your continued support.

Thank you for being an essential part of our community.