Welcome to the Linden - Peters Fire Protection District's Staff Page

The Linden - Peters Fire Protection District is a combination department having both full time paid and volunteer firefighters. The paid staff work a three shift rotation of 48 hours on duty and 96 hours off duty. All firefighters are expected to return to the station to support emergency operations and district coverage.

Paid staff members play a vital role in the timely completion of the districts day-to-day operations. Each employee has additional responsibilities beyond their emergency response mission.

Paid and Volunteer members are always conducting required training. This training covers all facets of the fire service such as firefighting, emergency medical services, and specialized rescue. During the year, crews participate in training with other fire departments in San Joaquin County.



Fire Chief Kirk Noffsinger 



Administrative Assistant Lorena Coose 



Captain Brandon Ruegsegger 



Captain Marcel Mojalli 



Captain Jacob Reed



Lieutenant James Goins



Lieutenant Ken Dahlenburg



Lieutenant Rod Ruegsegger



Firefighter/Engineer Tyler Watson 



Firefighter/Engineer Martin Garcia 



Firefighter/Engineer Mike Verdon



Firefighter/Engineer Brandon Wright 



Firefighter/Engineer Dylan Dennis



Firefighter/Engineer Jordan Davis