Tom Watkins and Jack Plotz with awards.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Honoring the Dedication of Our Fire District Board Members


In the dynamic world of firefighting and emergency services, the backbone of our community's safety often lies in the hands of those who selflessly serve behind the scenes. Today, we extend our deepest gratitude to two individuals whose unwavering commitment and dedication have left an indelible mark on our fire district. Join us as we celebrate and express our thanks to Jack Plotz and Tom Watkins, esteemed members of our Fire District Board.

Captain Brandon Ruegsegger presenting plaque to Tom Watkins

Left to Right Captain Brandon Ruegsegger, Tom Watkins

Jack and Tom, your years of service on the Fire District Board have not gone unnoticed. Your tireless efforts have spanned over 50 years, during which you've been instrumental in shaping policies, making critical decisions, and ensuring the continued excellence of our fire services.

Your leadership has been the guiding force behind our fire district's growth and success. Through your vision, dedication, and strategic planning, we have witnessed improvements in infrastructure, increased community outreach, and enhanced emergency response capabilities. Your ability to navigate challenges with resilience and foresight has set a high standard for all of us to follow.

As advocates for public safety, you have championed initiatives that prioritize the well-being of our community. Your commitment to securing the necessary resources, equipment, and training for our firefighters has contributed significantly to our ability to respond effectively to emergencies and protect the lives and property of our residents.

Tom Watkins and Jack Plotz with awards.

Left to Right: Tom Watkins, Jack Plotz

Your dedication goes beyond the boardroom. Through community engagement and outreach efforts, you have fostered a sense of trust and collaboration between our fire district and the residents we serve. Your commitment to transparency and communication has strengthened the bond between our department and the community we proudly protect.

As Jack and Tom transition from their roles on the Fire District Board, we want to acknowledge the lasting legacy you leave behind. Your contributions have paved the way for a safer, more resilient community, and your impact will continue to be felt for years to come.

Tom Watkins, Chief Kirk Noffsinger and Jack Plotz at department Christmas party.

Left to Right: Tom Watkins, Chief Kirk Noffsinger, Jack Plotz

On behalf of the entire Linden-Peters Fire Department family and the community we serve, we extend our deepest thanks to Jack Plotz and Tom Watkins. Your selfless dedication, leadership, and passion for public safety have been the bedrock of our fire district's success. As you embark on new journeys, know that your legacy will forever be etched in the story of our fire district. Wishing you both continued success, fulfillment, and, most importantly, our heartfelt gratitude.

With sincere appreciation,